5 Ways To Get Fit

Clear out misconceptions

Fats are only burned through activities and that includes cardio exercise and other fat burning methods. You can’t decrease your belly size over crunches and sit ups and you won’t definitely see six packs with those alone. Cardio exercise is the best way to lose fat in general. With cardio you can shed off those extra pounds and feel the difference not only when you get on the scales but also in overall body size and appearance. Don’t be fooled, there is no miracle diet or magic pill that can just get rid of stomach fat overnight. Losing fat may take time and the speed would depend on the diet you are following and the intensity of exercises you perform.


Plan ahead

Absolutely plan ahead and make daily plans as well. Try to make your daily plans as specific as possible with details on what to eat, when to eat and number of calories consumed. Use one of the free BMR calculators and calculate your Basic Metabolic Rate and base your plans around that figure. Make sure you’re doing a lot more fat burning activities while having less calorie intake.

Proper diet

You will have to maintain a balanced diet and this means consuming food with a good protein source like beans, nuts, tofu, green veggies, also high fibre carbs like whole grains, and healthy fats from olive oil. All of these food items are essential for a well-balanced diet which keeps fat intake to 30% and with carbs and protein evenly distributed in 35%.

Since you are aiming in losing weight and fat in general, do not forget the leading role of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are full of fibre which can give you a feeling of fullness for longer time and they contain fewer calories in a high nutrient package.

Sports and Exercise

Cardio and aerobic exercise can be in a form of sports and recreation. You choose whatever you like as long as you consistently do it. This means that a suggested daily 30 minutes to an hour brisk walk or jog is important in trimming your belly fat but if you really can’t find the time for 30 continuous minutes you can do this evenly throughout the day. Have 10 minute brisk walk after each meal and you can add up your 30 minutes by the end of the day. Be creative and always think on ways on how to lose weight more naturally.

Keep your heads up

Motivation is a key factor in losing fat as well as achieving any goal in life. Finding your target and focusing your energy towards that target will keep you motivated. Always start your day with a little imagination and picture yourself having reached your goals. Visualizing your success would help you. You can also try the buddy system, where you have a partner who shares the same challenges, and together you work towards your goals. Or you can wear bracelets (or any other gadget) to act as a reminder of your aspirations.

Nothing beats the healthy way of losing fat and weight. What you need to understand is that there is no shortcut for faster results. Also it is an easy plan to stick to. Stop daydreaming and try it to get flat abs now

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